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sydney maxi taxi

maxi taxi maxi cab sydney sydney maxi taxi sydney maxi taxi maxi cab
www.combined.com wwwpremiercabs.com.au

                       Sydney Maxi Taxi ............     I get around ............

 ITS an


and I will guarantee you a maxi !!!!!

I won't send you two or three normal cars......

 As they say in the song,  round round get around i get around, and no matter where you are or where you're going  I'll do my utmost to get you from and too.

Nobody's perfect but as far as taxi drivers go I figure im about as close as you'll get.   

On a wet day i'll  walk on water if necessary to get you to your destination.  I got movies for the kids on  a long airport trip. I got DVDS from  AC DC and Akon through Britney to Engleburt,  Kylie and Lady GaGa to  Neil Diamond , and on to James Tanlor Shirley Bassey and ZZ Top just to help your trip be that little bit better.

We'll light a Sparkler and sing happy birthday,  If your clubbing Ive usually got a few glow sticks for when you go clubbing.


 I'm probably the smallest Taxi or Maxi Company in Sydney but if i were going to use a taxi i would use me.

I believe that professionalism blended with excellent service is the true basis for a successful business relationship.If i say we will get you We will get you.

Sometimes there is a problem beyond my control, like some idiot taking out the top of a tunnel, or some goose causing a multi car accident. But Ill keep you informed and should hopefully be able to organise you an alternate through m network

 Now  let me be very clear.  I am not a taxi network, nor do I claim to be a taxi network,  I am but a simple cab driver trying to fulfill that part of the market that wants to know that if they book a taxi or a maxi cab , the maxi or taxi will turn up on time, or close to the appointed time. Thats exactly why I started this website.

  Getting a passenger is one thing, keeping it is another and i know i don't lose too many.

 If im fully booked and cant take the job Ill do my best to get you another cab through one of the network .  I cant just ring a mate but we can get you served in most instances. You won't have to hang on the phone and hope for the best.  We wont tell you next available. Well do our utmost to get you a cab.

If you are mobility challenged I will make a special effort to help you.

If you like your music large loud and hard I will accommodate you

If you like it slow soft and middle of the road I am  there too.

If its an engagement, a harbour cruise a wedding or a show, I aim to get you there early.

Try me once and see how we go.  I think you will use me often.

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