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sydney maxi taxi

maxi taxi maxi cab sydney sydney maxi taxi sydney maxi taxi maxi cab
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  1. What do you want to know about taxis. ask me and ill get back to you

    if you have any particular queries you need answered please email me at sydneycabbie@gmail.com    I'll try to get back to you within 24 hours on a question and ill post your question and answer here within 72 hours.  (i need to be at the computer to do this and i spend heaps of time on the road. )  but i will answer every question that makes sense and assists my passengers. Andy

  2. I booked a cab a week and a half ahead and it didnt show up . How can this happen

    If you book with a large network they will take the booking,  Taxi drivers are responsible for accepting the booking when it is put out by the network. Because by nature taxi drivers in general dont think like business people they take the hunter view   If it is a short fare they are not prepared to leave the time available for them to travel to the job as they may be on the other side of town and pick up another passenger.   The networks then seem to think that only a local taxi driver will take the job and so in their good sense they send the booking out maybe fifteen minutes before you need a taxi, al beit they had the booking for a week or a month or a year.   If its a busy time or a short fare your chances of getting a cab unless its by your door are like zero.  I dont do that . I will confirm your booking or if we cannot do the job at the time you want I will tell you and refer you to someone else.  We dont take jobs that we cannot cover.  You also get to speak to the person doing your job,  Not a machine or a radio operator.

  3. It;s busy, peak hour and wet. I cant see a taxi so ill ring one.

    This sounds good from a passengers point of view, but lets think clearly.  City traffic is bad,   it could take 15 Minutes to go  1/2 a kilometre.  You're in the city at peak hour and there is no cabs.   At that time a cab driver has to make a decision.  Decision is ..... For a $2.10 booking fee i hope to hell my passenger is there.  I cant take a hail off the street and i can see a thousand people in front of me.  Stuff it  im not taking the booking.   Therefore if you call from a public place in a high population area it is financial suicide for a driver to even consider acception the job, so guess what .  You arent going to get covered. 

    The driver also knows from hard experience in his first month or so of driving, his chance of getting the passenger in a public place is probably less than 1 in 23 at peak times  so its a loss on both sides.   We could say if the passenger waited for the allocated cab then the pickup would be done.   I can see both sides of the story but I can assure you, unless you are a really big fare, dont waste your time calling a cab. Generally  they aint gonna come. 

  4. My taxi is late, Why arent they here.

    Normally people who book a cab are going somewhere important to them.  When a cab driver organises his schedule he allows for normal traffic at that time, and for passengers to be a bit late and I try to cater for that.

    However, cabdrivers are on full on business mode, particularly friday sat night and event times.  Customers are in party mode,  They will say hang on the other guy is on his way . He'll be only one minute.  That one minute is ten.  Blame the passenger before you.  He caused it, but the next passenger pays out the cabdriver.  As if he doesnt want to do the job.   Think about your times you book a cab.  If he is there on time are you ready, or are you causing a potential problem for the passenger after you.  Some passengers change destination or say two pickups on the way.  they dont let me know before i get there. Unless I have full bookng information prior to the job, I suffer the stress along with the next passenger.   I dont want this to happen as much as you.

    At sydney cabbie I will ask is it situation critical so let me know if its a plane you're catching and who with, a harbour cruise or a special function.  If I know I will juggle the book to make sure you get there.  If necessary I will leave a prior booking to get to you if we know your situation and leave the passenger who has caused the problem.  Communcation is the one thing Ido that you will not likely get elsewhere,


    When your taxi is coming to collect you especially after a night out he has planned to be there for you .  if you are travelling from a club n the city or a restaurant or theatre there are often large numbers of pople looking for a taxi,.  Our drivers can get another fare, but since we are waiting for you our lights will be out and the doors will be locked untill we contact and find you l  If you are a long fare home it is feasible the driver may haffve driven thirty or forty kilometers empty to get you.  If you are with a bunch of people a passenger will just grab a cab if there is one available and our taxi misse the fare he has planned to be there for.  Since he will have a booking directly after you his night will be greatly compromised as he may not be able to take another passenger that will take him away from his travel plans for the evening. It is mouch more likely in a  public place that the passenger leaves than that the taxi will not front.  It has got to the stage that the drivers will ooften not accept a job from a publikc venue at a peak time unless the fare is prepaid.  Callme for any clarification.  For your security we use paypal which is fully encrypted and gives u unequivocal prooof of payment.  If there is a screwup on our part and thats highly unlikely we will refund your money in full, no questions asked. 

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