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sydney maxi taxi

maxi taxi maxi cab sydney sydney maxi taxi sydney maxi taxi maxi cab
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in my sydney maxi taxi i find useful information and links. ome of my favorites are are here for you to make your time in sydney more enjoyable.


If you want to savour the best of Sydney Harbour or Pittwater for a day a weekend , For twilight or overnight you have to talk to Michael and Susan


Twelve best skyline shots in sydney I can take you to them all.  This is awesome photography.


ever get upset cos you cant get a cab. Gocatch is a free application for passengers ad drivers that put passengers and dirvers in direct contact. Remember for a short fare it is wise to offer the driver an incentive to take the fare.  You talk to him direct.  Little thing to remember .  The shorter the trip the bigger the tip. especially at peak times.  It will get you a taxi quicker.  Watch your driver approach in real time.  he can see where you are in real time.  Got to be better than what is happening now.
just new and still developing. Download free form the itunes store.  Available for apple iphone 3 and 4 or ipod touch with wireless connection.   Android and Blackberry app in process of being completed at time of writing this.

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  • "Thank you so much for providing an excellent service on such short notice. We could not have been treated better and we appriciated your punctuality and your friendly nature. We..."
    Petra Woodgate
  • "Andy, thanks so much, I cannot say enough about your service and friendly approach. Transporting 50 teenagers from two different venues at allocated times to and from their "For..."
    Terri Yazbek