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sydney maxi taxi

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                   If you have trouble getting around                                                we will try our best to help you get around.

The  number for the network Zero 200 is 8332 0200

 Wats drivers are just the best guys to get you around.  Im proud to drive a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Wh do I do it I hear you ask.

Well  a couple of years ago i lost my dad to an aggressive combination of prostrate, bone and bowel cancer, and for the last couple of months if we didnt push him, we needed one of these taxis.  I spoke to our regular Wats Driver and hearing of the satisfaction he got from doing this work I thought i would try it. 

I get the same sense of satisfaction.  Monday to thursday i do a school run with a combination of Autistic, physically and mentally challenged young people for Disability Services Australia at blacktown and it gives me a sense of purpose. We have a great time watching Thunderbirds, or singing along to Alvin and theChipmunks, and this is probably one of my most rewarding work experiences.  The staff at Wheelchair Taxis, particularly Bana the radio supervisor are dedicated to their jobs and I cant speak higly enough of how they work so hard to get people around.

 If I cant help you at a particular time as i am already booked Click here to be directed to Zero 200, the greatest guys in my opinion in the Peole Moving Business.  

     Click here for wheelchair network


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